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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                10$

or the Dimanche de Robespierre, although his in-
scription, " Le peuple frangais reconnait I'etre supreme,
et Vimmortalite de Vame"1 still appears upon the

No soldiers or people accompanied us to the
inn, but we were escorted by the innkeeper into
the Hotel de Ville, where I wrote myself down,
and my suite. All was very civil and easyŚno
curiosity, no noise, nor to this moment have we
been called des Anglais, accosted, or taken the
least notice of. A great apathy, despair, or in-
difference seems to have got the better of all the
spirit of the French. Except not meeting any
priests or friars, everything appears much as it
was. The lands are folly cultivated, but there
are few labourers of the youthful or middle age.

In the principal church a priest was saying
mass, sailors and women hearing it. The pictures
and images of saints remain. The west end of the

the 22nd of September, 1792, common style, were Vend6-
miaire, Brumaire, Frimaire, Nivose, Pluviose, Ventose, Ger-
minal, Flor6al, Prairial, Messidor, Thermidor, and Fructidor;
so that Vend6miaire was composed partly of September and
partly of October. The ist of Vend6miaire anno i of the
Republic, corresponded with the 22nd September, 1792, and
the 3oth Fructidor with the i6th September, 1793.

i It was that foul miscreant who said upon some occa-
sion, in order to show that he believed in a divinity, "Si
Dieu n'existoit pas, il faudrcit Vinventwl"